Whittier Rocks!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010, in beautiful Whittier California

Good Morning everybody,

Another beautiful morning in the beautiful City of Whittier! This Blog will be an addition to my Facebook Comunity Page so that I will be able to write longer pieces. Hope you'll all enjoy it!

To get started, here are just some pics I took this morning, it was so beautiful out!

Whittwood Town Center, Panera Bread - great place to start your day with a good breakfast. Sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view of the hills - and check out all the cool dogs going to doggie day care :-)

This shot was taken in the Whittwood parking lot, looking towards the hills.

Sad - one of the two large spaces that are currently sitting empty. Doesn't anybody have a cool idea of what could be put in there?

Stay tuned! More coming soon! :-)
Steph @ "Whittier Rocks!!!!!!"